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How does this title fare on traditional metrics of quality? A 3/5 means this is enjoyable but forgettable. Consider writing, direction, cinematography, and critics' consensus.
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How does this title fare on gender equality? A 3/5 means women are represented respectfully, but still see less screen time or dialogue than male counterparts. Consider complexity of female roles or if they fall into any stereotypes.
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How does this title fare on racial diversity? A 3/5 means people of color were written respectfully but see less screen time or dialogue than is proportionate to their real-life shares of the population. Consider real-life demographics of the setting, complexity of POC roles, and whether or not they fall into any stereotypes.
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How does this TV show fare on LGBTQ representation? A 3/5 in LGBTQ means queer culture was treated respectfully. No TV show can score higher than a 3.5/5 without the inclusion of an actual LGBTQ character.
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