Our goal at Mediaversity is to reflect the beautifully diverse world, both in front of and behind the camera. While no story will ever be an exact microcosm of America—nor should it be—our reviews strive to be a tool for people who consume their media pro-actively instead of passively.

So when we say “diversity”, what does that mean? Let’s look to the real world for pointers:

  • 50.8% of the United States is female.*
  • 39% of U.S. residents are people of color.**
  • 4-8% of Americans identify as LGBTQ.***

Until the television and film industries reflect the true face of our country, Mediaversity will be here calling them out and applauding good work.


Li Lai, founder of Mediaversity Reviews

Mediaversity is the passion project of Li Lai, a visual designer and data nerd based in New York City. She is sick of randos on the street calling her a ninja and wants television and film to become the first line of defense against stereotyping.

Contributor Mimi Wong has worked in film and television. She also writes fiction, and is especially passionate about reading and supporting diverse authors.

Contributor Monique Jones is an entertainment journalist, blogger, and founder of JUST ADD COLOR, a multicultural pop culture site. Her writing has been featured on Ebony.com, Comic Book Resources, Entertainment Weekly's Community Blog, The Miami New Times, and more.

Contributor Mirelle Tinker is currently studying television, writing, and international business at Ithaca College. She has written for the Tempest and Darling Media.